About Yakusha Theatre

‘Yakusha’ means actor in Japanese language, Yakusha theatre established in 2013, which is a group mainly produce theatre projects, events and activities related to Japan theatre, art and culture. We also teaching Japanese drama class and Japanese class by using drama element in order to promote the Japanese language and theatre art development in Hong Kong. Founder of the group, Anson Lam studied and worked in both Hong Kong and Japan theatre for many years as it made him very familiar about quality Japanese art works, Japanese artists and Japanese theatre or art group. His concept of making real cultural exchange projects is now built into the group, introducing quality Japanese art work to Hong Kong and produce activities to make both Hong Kong and Japanese people understand each other culture and art as well as provide a platform to audience and participant to know more about Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese people. We believe that theatre and art can break through the wall between two countries and eventually the message and love from the art work can bring love from theatre to life, from life to universe and make the loving, peaceful society and world.

Our aim

Promote Japanese culture and Japanese language in Hong Kong through Japan theatre and art work.Promote drama and art activities in order to inspire people to appreciate art and discover happiness in life.

Our work

Produce theatre production, event, workshop or exhibition related to Japan element.Plan and accompany for trip to Japan related to theatre, film, TV, art and culture of Japan.Apply and manage for copyright regarding Japan theatre work, film, TV,books or any media.

Japanese drama class

To learn Japanese language with fun by interactive drama class.


'Laugh of University's Japan producer from PARCO Ltd. (the second right), actors and staff of Hong Kong


'Miss Naoko' playwright's younger sister, Ms Kazoko Mukoda


'Shed skin' (Japan tour performance) Hong Kong version and Japan version actors and staff


'Shed skin' playwright, Mr. Norihiko Tsukuda(right)


(from left) 'THE BEE' set designer - Yukio Horio, director - Hideki Noda, Anson Lam, performars - Kathryn Hunter and Marcello Magni